AASM Inter-scorer Reliability Assessment System Tour

AASM Inter-scorer Reliability is a web-based assessment system for sleep technologists and other sleep professionals who score sleep studies. Designed and operated by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the system is intended as a tool for sleep facility managers to educate their staff while fulfilling the AASM Standard for Inter-scorer Reliability.

New Exams Each Month

A new sleep study record exam will become available every month. Each record exam consists of 200 continuous epochs from a sleep study patient. Users will have three months to score stages, arousals, respiratory events and limb movements for all 200 epochs.

Full Screen Epochs, Streamlined Scoring

AASM Inter-scorer Reliability received a complete system overhaul in 2012 to more closely resemble professional scoring software used in sleep facilities. The interface is designed to run full screen in an internet browser, so that the records fill the entire window. Users can examine epochs in a standard 30-second duration, or use the 120-second view to review each in the context of surrounding epochs. Mark each epoch using menu overlays or hotkeys that support both single-pass and multipass scoring approaches.

Inter-scorer Reliability Assessment System Features

Hypnogram Functionality

Track your stage scoring using the brand-new AASM Inter-scorer Reliability hypnogram window. The hypnogram provides a big picture look at the sleep stages across the record.

Interactive Record Review

Follow along with the Record Review video while you review your record with the new-and-improved Interactive Record Review. The enhanced interface lets you view your scoring decisions while the Gold Standard discusses disagreements and trouble spots from the record.

Interface Improvements

We've made the system even easier to use based on user feedback. Users can now review their progress in real-time using the new hypnogram and review progress features. The ability to edit, rearrange and create custom montages has been streamlined for ease-of-use.

Instant Scoring Feedback

Once each exam is complete, all scoring decisions will be compared to an AASM Gold Standard Scorer. Scorers will be able to review their entire record, with the Gold Standard score also displayed. Users are then encouraged to take advantage of education opportunities offered on the AASM Inter-scorer Reliability Assessment System.

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Customize your records with adjustable sensitivities and rearrangeable channels.

Mark your record using a menu-based or hotkey based scoring system.

Compare your staff to scorers from hundreds of other sleep facilities.