AASM Inter-scorer Reliability & Your Sleep Center

Fulfill Inter-scorer Reliability Requirement in the AASM Standards of Accreditation

Section F of the AASM Standards for Accreditation states that a sleep center must demonstrate inter-scorer reliability on a quarterly basis as part of the facility's quality assurance program. All technical staff members who score sleep studies for a facility must participate, and a designated board certified sleep specialist must serve as a facility's gold standard.

AASM Inter-scorer Reliability is the easiest, most cost-effective way to meet this Standard. A panel of AASM Gold Standard scorers replaces the need for the board certified sleep specialist to serve as an active gold standard for the facility. The system also simplifies the process of demonstrating inter-scorer reliability by collecting and comparing records. You simply need to indicate the use of the AASM Inter-scorer Reliability Assessment System in your policy and procedure manual. Our staff will do the rest!

Each center must individually complete the program to meet the inter-scorer reliability requirement in the AASM Standards for Accreditation. The AASM offers special discount pricing to organizations that operate multiple sleep centers.

Staff Management Solution

The AASM Inter-scorer Reliability Assessment System is the best way to effectively evaluate the ability of sleep scorers. The system tracks and compares the monthly results of all of your employees. Managers can also set up temporary accounts for the purpose of training or assessing non-regular scorers, so that they may take record exams without impacting your sleep center's inter-scorer reliability.

An unlimited annual subscription lets all of your regular and temporary scorers participate in record exams at one flat rate. Continue to find out which pricing options are available for your sleep center.

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AASM Accreditation reflects a commitment to ensure that sleep disorders patients receive the highest quality of care. In order to achieve this, centers must demonstrate compliance with all of the AASM Standards for Accreditation of Sleep Disorders Centers.

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