Sleep ISR Record Rewards Program Overview

Record Submission Background

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is thrilled to present the newest endeavor to continue to grow Sleep ISR and also address the needs of the changing sleep medicine field: Sleep ISR Record Rewards Program. This new program gives Sleep ISR administrators the ability to grant their staff access to a submission tool within the ISR platform to submit polysomnography studies.

These records will potentially be used for one of two purposes: 1) for use as a monthly record in Sleep ISR or 2) to help support a two-year pilot certification program for the staging of sleep studies by artificial intelligence/auto-scoring software packages.

While potentially showcasing a record from your own lab in Sleep ISR is exciting, AASM is equally excited about its new pilot certification program. Starting soon, polysomnography software will be able to apply to receive stage-only auto-scoring certification. To do so, the software manufacturer must demonstrate that their AI/auto-scoring system has comparable accuracy to records scored by humans. In order to successfully evaluate these innovative software packages, a diverse collection of sleep studies that are representative of our diverse patient populations are needed. By uploading sleep studies, you are adding to that list of diverse patient populations and are helping the field move forward and innovate. In exchange for your record submissions, we will give you points that can be redeemed for items such as Amazon gift cards. To make it fun, we even have bonus opportunities to earn points faster.

We look forward to your participation!

How to Get Started

Participation in the Sleep ISR Record Submissions Program follows a brief “opt-in” process. To opt-in, you must be a Sleep ISR account administrator (if you are an account user, contact your administrator to set your access level).

Admins first login to your ISR account and go to the Manage Staff dropdown under the Facility Account header. Click the Authorize Sleep Studies button, review the AASM Participation Agreement, and check the box if you agree to these terms.

Next you will Select a Default Staff Permission level for users in your Sleep ISR account: Grant Access, which immediately allows all users to upload records, or No Access, the permission level where you will need to pick and choose users to add manually in the next step.

The final opt-in admin page is Manage Staff where you can individually establish settings for each of your users using the dropdowns in the Rewards Access column.

Once the opt-in process is completed, you and users who have been granted access will be able to submit records and view submissions under Rewards Program header on Sleep ISR. (It is recommended that you notify active users about the program to begin uploading records.)

Rewards Program Summary

Once a user is setup in your facility account, each record should meet EDF Requirements before it is uploaded for a quality check.

Record Submission Qualifications:
  • Full polysomnogram (accepted types: Diagnostic and Therapeutic, Type I or Type II) with all PHI removed and converted to EDF+ format.
  • Study has at least 200 continuous epochs with all recorded signals present.
  • Every effort has been made to ensure the sleep record has not been exposed to AI clinical scoring applications, AI-related research, or projects prior to submission, and will not be used for this purpose for a period of 2 years after submission

Next, upload your study on the Submit Sleep Study dropdown in Rewards Program. Once the upload process is completed, click Submit for Review and check on the Submission dropdown where you will see a dashboard displaying the review status. Please give approximately 5-30 minutes to see results.

Record Submission Details:

One (1) point is awarded for every record submission that passes all quality checks. There is a 20-point bonus for a first successful submission. A 50-point bonus will be awarded for every record used in Sleep ISR. Each point is worth approximately $1 in value. Points would expire two years after being issued.

Currently, rewards points can be cashed in for Amazon gift cards at a *1 point = $1 dollar ratio for a $25 minimum, and double value at *1 point = $2 dollars ratio for discount on Sleep ISR subscription. Amazon cards can be sent to the institution subscribed to Sleep ISR to be distributed in whatever manner decided upon by them, and Sleep ISR subscription discounts can be redeemed right in your Sleep ISR checkout cart where you will use the "Use My Reward Points" panel to select how many points you would like to redeem for a discount.

If your center is not currently using Sleep ISR, have your administrator contact us.